More than just a Massage Therapist

With over 23,000 hours clinical experience, coupled with his collaborative partnerships working closely along side some of the countries best chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and medical professionals,
Lorin Nicholson has without doubt become one of Australia’s leading and most respected Remedial Massage Therapists and master educators within the natural health industry.

Being blind from birth, Lorin’s highly perceptive sense of touch, unique skill and treatment results are more accurately stated in the words of his own clients, with some Olympic athletes calling Lorin, “The Man With The Hands”, while others affectionately refer to him as, “The Miracle man”, because of his amazing ability to locate the exact source of the problem, coupled with his well honed advanced deep tissue and remedial massage techniques and in depth understanding of how the body works and the treatment necessary to bring lasting relief and restore function, mobility and quality of life to all of his patients.

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Lorin Nicholson Dip RM DTMT MFR Dip Reflex Cert Nutr

What our Patients are Saying...

Andrew Currey, Australian Javelin Team

“The Man with the Hands”

Working with Athletes – in 1995, Lorin was contracted to work exclusively as remedial therapist for the Australian National, Commonwealth and Olympic javelin team. The following year Louise McPaul went on to win silver medal at the Atlanta Olympics. 

Fellow team member, Andrew Currey, called Lorin; “The Man With The Hands” and also commented:
“I don’t compare Lorin with any of the other massage therapists –
His skills are more similar to… the head physiotherapist at the AIS”.

Lorin has since treated dozens of regional, state, national and internationally successful athletes and sporting teams, because of his unique ability to uncover and treat the rout cause of the injury or restriction, thus allowing optimal physical recovery and performance.


“I have been to numerous remedial massage therapists
over the years and Lorin isn’t one of the best…
He is THE BEST by far! 
His knowledge and treatment of complex shoulder
and rotator cuff complaints is amazing!  ”

Lara Korhammer Former Olympic swimmer and gold medallist

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Advanced Remedial Therapy provided pain relief and improved quality of life to thousands of patients.

Whether you are a record-breaking Olympic Athlete, hard working tradesman, expectant mother, or top corporate executive, we all need to be able to function without restriction or pain.

Relief! I’ve suffered aches, pains, cramps and stiffness in my lower back for years. I cannot believe the relief Lorin has been able to give me!!! His treatment and skill is incredible!

Jay Hewson - Home renovator, landscaper and gardener

Miracle Worker Lorin you are a miracle worker. I feel like my body has just been put back together again.

Caleb Anderson - Roof Tiler

Pain Free! I was facing constant pain in my right arm and hand due to carpel tunnel syndrome, but after only one treatment with Lorin, I had the very first pain free night in months.

Robin Hann - Retired grandmother

"Without question,
the best massage therapist
I have ever been to!"

Sally Hill – Medical Typist

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Lasting Relief

Lorin is the only therapist who has given me lasting relief and got me back on track again. No hesitation in recommending Lorin to anyone who is dealing with chronic lower back pain.

Tim Rota – Operations Manager

Only Lorin!

Will never go to another remedial therapist again. Lorin picked up the little
niggles and tightness in areas I hadn’t mentioned to him, as well as working
through previous scar tissue with expertise.

Olivia Tauro – Commonwealth Games athlete

No Migraines

I can’t believe the relief Lorin has been able to give me. After suffering
chronic migraines 2-3 times per week for twenty years, Lorin is the only person
who has been able to give me lasting relief.

Mel Harris – Chef


Dean was fantastic, he knew what needed to be done and his deep tissue massage is the best I’ve had during my time as a runner. Definitely going back.

Scott W.


Awesome postpardom massage for my back and shoulders. Really helped my recovery. 10/10

Julia N.


Dean has an uncanny ability to find all the issues and he has helped me so much. I would absolutely recommend Dean. Awesome therapist.

Susan Gee.

Back Fix

I’ve never found anyone who can fix my back like Lorin can. He gets me up and
going every time.

Jamie Reid – Auto Smash Repairer

The Best!

I have been to numerous remedial massage therapists
over the years and Lorin isn’t one of the best…
He is THE BEST by far!
His knowledge and treatment of complex shoulder
and rotator cuff complaints is amazing!

Lara Korhammer – Former Olympic swimmer and gold medallist

The Only One

Put simply, there is only one massage therapist to go too… And that’s Lorin

Jim Theodorou – Workaholic

Absolutely Unbelievable!

A one hour treatment with Lorin is the best you will ever get. Absolutely

Mark Nash – Plumber

Happy Patients

I have worked with many remedial massage therapists throughout my career and
Lorin’s anatomical knowledge, not to mention his incredible palpation skills and
treatment techniques are far and above any massage therapist I have ever met.
Every one of my patients that see him come back raving about how good he is.

Kenn Danielsen-Jensen – Chiropractor

Saved my life!

I tried every possible treatment to get relief [… and my] doctors were talking
[about] early knee replacement, but within a couple of treatments, Lorin had me
walking around again with no limp and next to no pain. Words cannot describe
how much I appreciate what Lorin has done for me. I feel like he has saved my life!

Anna Allez – Admin Officer and National 10 Pin Bowler

Highest Praise!

I have referred a number of my patients to see Lorin Nicholson for remedial
massage, many of whom were suffering from various complicated and long term
complaints. After treatment, everyone returns to my surgery singing Lorin’s praises
due to the relief and improvement they have experienced.

Dr David Williams – General Practitioner

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